Hitarth Asrani

Hello there

September 04, 2019

Welcome to Hitarth Asrani’s, blog on being a (student) developer and taking a twist on Rubbber Duck Debugging.

Before we kick off, here’s my motto :

Challenge yourself!

  • Hitarth Asrani, 2019.

Always remember this while reading the blogs.

First off, introductions. Hello there, I’m rubberduck! A second year Comp Sci student in New Zealand. Nice to meet you, <your-name-here> and welcome to my blog.

Hello There

In these blogs I talk about my experience with technologies, mostly self learnt. Both academic studies and the industry teach me something valuable but the best way for anyone working in technology to learn something is to learn everything by themselves! This took me out to the internet to learn a lot more about software and on the blog I’ll reproduce some of my learnings for anyone and everyone out there to read.

Tech Cat

The aim of everything I do right now is to challenge myself to become better than I was a day ago and constantly keep improving. That being said, please take everything I say with a grain of salt as there’s a lot I have to learn as a young padawan in this industry.

Young Padawan

And with that, I’ll end this first blog. Thank you for reading and see you in the next blog.

Note: All GIFs are from Giphy.